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I really hope this makes it into the game.


I really hope this makes it into the game.

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some old fanart… i just can’t stop darwing E7

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Hey, hooman, you really freeing me?


Hey, hooman, you really freeing me?

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My personal spin on various species of dinosaurs!

Available in my shop as prints, shirts, and even a tote bag if you are the toting type!

NICE. Love ‘em!

I really wanted to share these because they are a different spin on dinosaurs that we are so used to seing and they are really well done

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What Exactly is going on in Tokyo Right Now? →



Ok kids, listen up. I’m about to explain to you, to the best of my ability, why there are 40,000 people protesting in Tokyo’s Nagata-cho as I type this, why it matters, and why you should be talking about it, too.


What Started This Protest?

The short answer —> Japan’s Prime…

I am a Japanese.

Nothing happens. 

40,000 pretense

This is 30,000 by Tokyo marathon.

These people are almost political activists.

They are protected in the very strong labor union.

What will they object to?

When Japan is attacked, the United States Armed Forces help Japan.

However, Japan cannot help the United States Armed Forces.

It is Japanese Article 9.

They oppose changing it.

They are of anti-Americanism.

They think that Japan should arrive at the Chinese side from the American side.

It is very few people.

Japan is peaceful today.
From next week, a lot of anime begin, too.HAHAHA

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